10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know
About Singapore

Singapore. A quaint yet lovely little city-state in the heart of Southeast Asia. It is now known as the Financial Hub of Asia. Many would agree that it’s a fantastic place to live, work, and play at. Even if you haven’t been there yet, you most probably have heard some things about this country – like their well-known airline, Singapore Airlines; the delicious Singapore Chicken Rice; and their national symbol, the Merlion, which you have probably seen in books or magazines.


This small country that embodies both the Eastern and Western cultures transcends boundaries and continues to set incredible records – may it be about science, food, culture, health, and even the law. It is simply a prim and proper nation that has a deep passion for perfection.

And albeit the humble tropical country that it is, do you know that most people know only a few things about Singapore? All those that you’ve heard about this country is only the tip of the iceberg. With its rich history and cultural heritage, there’s still a lot that you don’t know about. Things that make this country, this island, this city-state, one of the most unique and successful nations in the whole world. Let us educate, delight, and entertain you with 10 interesting facts about Singapore:


1. Think the whole of Singapore could be traveled by foot?

Well, you are probably right if you’re just referring to the mainland. But that isn’t the whole of Singapore yet. It’s actually composed of over 63 islands. The country is actually 25% bigger than it was during its Independence Day.

2. Is Singlish their national language?

Yes, the Singlish language is now popular more than ever. The country is populated mostly by Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Eurasian. If these are the majority groups in Singapore, what do you think is its national language? Only a few would’ve guessed it correctly. It’s actually Malay.

3. Talk about healthy living

Many would probably think that the most number of fastest walkers in the whole world might be in America or Europe – that’s where they’re wrong. Singapore is actually home to the fastest walkers in the world (next is Denmark and Spain). Singaporeans walk at an average pace of 6.15kph or let’s just say, they could walk 18M in just 10.55 minutes.

4. Laws and regulations are no joke

As the country continuously strives for perfection in every aspect, Singapore is slowly being popular for being a “Fine Country”. Not because it is good or acceptable or satisfactory, but because you could technically get fined for just about anything. You might find some of these absurd, but in Singapore, you’ll seriously get fined (or worse, get arrested) for these:

  • Importing and selling gum
  • Getting caught naked even in your own house
  • Not flushing the toilet
  • Making cats as pets

5. They take extra care of their natural resources

If you think Singapore is merely a modernized city that’s full of buildings and other infrastructure, you’re wrong again. They seriously take care and preserve their natural resources. The perfect example is their trees. Singapore’s Bukit Timah Nature Reserve houses a very wide variety of trees – wider than the whole of North America.


6. Impressed by Singapore Airlines?

If you are so impressed by the world-famous Singapore Airlines, then you must be awestruck by the Changi Airport. It has consistently been winning the “Best Airport in Asia” award for 28 consecutive years!

7. Get dating help!

If you are just in that situation where you think you have absolutely no chances of getting married, the Singaporean government can help you. They have their own matchmaking department, called the SDU (not single, desperate, and ugly) but the Social Development Unit.

8. The obsession for health and sanitation

As a country that is well-known for being clean and sanitary even in the most public places, Singapore even has a special government unit that takes care of everything about restrooms and toilets. The World’s First Toilet Organization was founded in Singapore.

9. Investments in public roads and highways

Being the Financial Hub of Asia, logistics and transportation are always essential. The country has invested in the development of more than 3,000km of roads and highways in total. Want to know how that looks like in a small country? Well, if you connect them all from end to end, you’ll have a highway that directly gets you from Singapore to Hong Kong.

public roads


10. Talk about government support

The government of Singapore does not take its people for granted. As a proof, nearly 9 out of 10 Singaporeans all live in public housing. That just also tells us that because the people really choose to stay in public housing, what the government provides for them is enough to satisfy their needs.

We can go on and on in telling you lots more interesting things about Singapore, these are just a few. But in all honesty, knowing about it through reading wouldn’t compare to what you’ll learn about this amazingly successful country when you personally go there and experience it yourself.

And after learning all these about Asia’s financial center, aren’t you just enticed to do business there? Doesn’t it make you excited to just work with all these people who are simply passionate about perfection, growth, and sustainable living? If you have some working ideas on what you can contribute to Singapore’s growing economy and continuous success, let us help you. The team of experts at Enterprise Assurance PAC are more than eager to assist you in realising your business ideas and plans in Singapore.