If you have a new company in Singapore, it’s but acceptable (and it’s expected) that your business is still picking up its pace for more or less 6 months. However, when you realize that you’re about to celebrate your business’ 1st anniversary in just a few months, you simply can’t help but think, “How come my business still seems to be in the starting stage?”

Almost all business owners all over the world can definitely relate to that. Though not everyone expects to achieve success overnight, most if not all new entrepreneurs seek for ways on how they could grow their businesses faster.

Being in the industry for many years, your experts here at Enterprise Global can still honestly say that there’s no specific formula or recipe that can guarantee a speedy development of any kind of business here in Singapore. Because as with many things in life, nothing is truly certain.

But the good thing is, there are still ways that can help you do that. In that light, we’re here to give you simple tips so you can catapult your business to growth in no time. Here are the 3 things you must do to fast track the development of your business:

Be More Aggressive:  Set bigger goals.

If you simply feel like your business is nowhere near where you want (or planned) it to be, then that could mean your goals were not made or set right. More often than not, business owners who notice that their business is not going where they want to be, later on realize that they have set smaller or easier goals.

The simplest thing we could tell you to do is to be bolder. Sure you need to take necessary precautions, but know that the speed of your growth and success actually depends on how bold you are when it comes to setting goals and making other decisions.

Just think about it: when you set bigger goals, it’s but natural that the rewards for achieving them will be greater as well. When you have more guts to set bigger goals and have the strongest determination to reach them, then you’re simply setting yourself up for fast track development and success.

Be More Adaptable:  Embrace change.

Today, it’s not only technology that rapidly changes. As a matter of fact, almost everything does. The environment, the stock market, and even people’s lifestyles, among many others. Because of that, you must be able to train yourself and your company to be more adaptable and flexible than ever.

Since we have helped many new companies in Singapore for years, we have noticed time and time again that there’s one trait that’s common among the successful startups – the ability to adapt and change quickly. According to an article from Business News Daily, “By allowing yourself to adapt and change quickly, you’re able to test different approaches to business and find out what works best. It allows you to fail, pick yourself back up and keep going.” (Lanng)

Once you’ve mastered the art of switching directions quickly (but carefully) in response to all the changes in the market, the industry, and all those in your external environment, then you’ll be able to grow and develop your business faster.

Be complete:  Hire the right people for your team.

Almost everyone of us has probably heard of success stories of business men who have built and grown their companies from the ground up all by themselves. Yes, sure it’s possible – and we’ll simply applaud you if you have indeed done it.

But if you want the hard truth, and if you really want to fast track the development of your business, then you have to avoid the delusions of having the same one-man-team-business success story. Instead, accept the fact that you can’t do everything by yourself.

If you want faster growth and quick development, then create the perfect team. Because the truth is, before you can even think about catapulting your business to success, you must ensure that you have the solid support and backup than can help you achieve your goals. It is but essential that you have the best players in the table.

Now we know what you’re thinking right now. “I can’t afford to hire the best people.” Truth is, there are various ways to hire the right people without breaking the bank. Here’s one of them:

Hire a Virtual CFO

Without the costs, commitments, and/or burdens of hiring an in-house CFO (who’s also one of the best in the field), a virtual CFO is indeed the perfect solution. More specifically, we suggest that you work with a company that provides virtual CFO services.

By doing so, you’ll be able to get the exact kind of help you need, and you’ll only pay for the exact work done for your business. And the best part is, you’re working with an entire team of expert CFOs who have vast knowledge and numerous years of experience in working for different kinds of companies and business sectors in Singapore. There are really just many ways on how virtual CFOs can transform any kind of business.

Working with these experts will definitely help you get to where you want to be in no time. Remember, it’s not important that you hire the most popular professionals or get the most expensive services. What matters is that you have the right set of people who have got your back.

So there you have it. Simply do these 3 things and you’ll definitely see an improvement in how your business is growing. We’ll surely bet on that.

But if you think these 3 are not enough, the quickest advice we can tell you to do is: speak to us! Your friends here at Enterprise Global will give you more solutions to speeding up business growth and development. Call us or send us an email today!


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