5+ Indicators that Your Accounting
Firm is a Reputable One

When it comes to making sure your business runs smooth and your finances are in order, there’s no doubt that hiring an accounting expert or a reputable accounting firm could help you in more ways than you could ever imagine; not to mention it could make your life as business owner a whole lot easier. They will help you reduce your tax burden, keep your cash flow in check, provide you strategies to save more dollars, and a lot more.

Even so, it’s not enough that you just simply hire one. You must be able to choose the right one. Why? Hiring the perfect accounting firm will help you save time, money and effort while being on the right track to growing your business. However, when you unfortunately end up with the wrong one, then brace yourself for it’ll cost you more money than you thought you would.

But we have to admit: finding or knowing if the accounting firm is good and reputable enough isn’t an easy task. As a matter of fact, some companies have to hire or have experienced hiring 3 or more accounting firms in Singapore before they actually ended up with the best one.

The good news is, your friends here at Enterprise Assurance PAC are here to help you with that. As we don’t want you to settle for anything less, here are some of the signs you should look out for to know whether your company is really in the hands of the right accounting firm:

Their accountants have worked in numerous industries.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a professional accountant that is knowledgeable and experienced with multiple industries. But, if you choose to get expert accounting services from a firm in Singapore, they should be able to show their clients that they have a team of accountants who are actually committed to their respective industry sectors. By having a pool of accounting experts who are passionate about working for various business sectors, they will be able to provide you with an accountant-in-charge or team that simply has the complete know-how and experience to help your business grow, in specific industry you’re in. And one more thing: it’s also best if the firm is currently or has worked with companies that are similar in size as yours. That way, you are assured that they really know what they’re doing for your kind and size of business.

They are extremely trustworthy.

Accountants who are detail-oriented, organized, and experienced are basically easy to find. However, that might not be the case when you’re looking for a trustworthy one. Skills can be learned. But traits like being honest and trustworthy don’t come just as easy.

As you are entrusting almost all the critical information about your business to your accountant/s, it just goes without saying that the person/s you are entrusting that info with should be without-a-doubt confidential in their work.

To help you know if they’re that trustworthy as they say they are, research about their clients and references. Speak with them briefly and ask them some questions on how their firm truly practices confidentiality.

Your accountant/s always think outside the box.

If you have already been a business owner for a considerable amount of time, you should already know by now that accountants are also business advisors. While it’s good that they have superb organisational and analytical skills, it would definitely benefit your business more if they bring in their creative problem-solving skills to the table.

Always remember that your accountants should be your business advisors and partners who will stop at nothing to seek better ways for your company to grow. Having access to proactive accounting services and valuable advice is but beneficial to your business. If they constantly provide you with creative ideas and recommendations to improve your operations and increase your profits, then they’re most definitely right for the job.

The firm has an utmost sense of loyalty.


Firms that provide professional accounting services Singapore work with different kinds and sizes of companies at the same time. And even if you’re sure that the accountant or team of accountants that’s assigned to you is highly efficient, you must also have the assurance that you have their loyalty regardless of how many clients they’re handling.

No matter how big or small income you’re bringing in to their accounting firm, they should show that they’re loyal to the company they’re working with. Moreover, professionals who have a strong sense of loyalty are more often than not great when it comes to working well with a team – that, you would also want in your company. It is but normal that they’d look after their own firm’s welfare. However, you’d want to work with people who will also look after the best interest of your company, at all times.

You’re not their biggest (or smallest) client.

Companies, even accounting firms, all deserve to grow and prosper. However, if you really want to make sure you’re working with a reputable and well-established one, you have to know about the current clients they’re handling. Believe us, you don’t want to be their smallest nor their biggest client either.

If you’re determined to entrust your business to more capable individuals, then don’t let their pros learn on the job while they go on in handling your accounting needs. You should work with the ones who are already experts at handling the kind and size of business that you have. Especially if you’re a startup or SME owner, you’d want to learn from them – and not the other way around.

They are approachable and always available.

Like what we have mentioned earlier, you wouldn’t want to be the accounting firm’s smallest client. And one sign that’ll tell you are is when most of the time, no one’s available to attend to your needs and urgent matters. If you are simply ‘too small’ for that accounting firm, chances are, you’ll get disappointed for getting poor service.

Despite your accounting firm’s best efforts, you must always make sure that you get what you pay for (regardless of how big or small your company is to them). There’s no doubt that reputable accountants and accounting companies are busy all the time. But you should still cling on to the fact that no matter how many clients they’re handling along with yours, they should always be there to communicate with you and attend to your needs at the soonest possible time.


So there you have it, don’t waste your time, money, or even your emotions on settling with an accounting firm that’s not good and reputable enough for your business. Work with Enterprise Assurance PAC. Our team of experts will show you all these indicators of working with a reputable accounting firm in Singapore (and more!). Speak with our friendly operators now by simply dialing +65 6224 1164.