5 Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs Looking to Provide Personal Assistant Services in SG

Long gone were the days when personal assistants are seen as professionals who manage schedules, take meeting minutes, and answer calls. Today, individuals and companies that provide personal assistant services are now popularly known as concierge service providers.

According to some research, it all started (officially) in Singapore last 2012 when a bigger number of Singaporeans became more time-strapped and lived more complicated lives than ever. To put it simply, a need was created because unlike before, TIME is now a luxury especially for Singapore professionals.

There’s now a growing number of ersonal assistant service providers who help people spend their time on things that matter most to them without worrying about their other needs. This excellent business idea is not simply about cooking or cleaning.

As a matter of fact, well-paid professionals and affluent families in Singapore don’t rely on housekeepers, maids, and butlers to handle their daily household needs for them. Instead, they rely on PAs to do things like:

  • Booking flights and hotel accommodations
  • Planning and organizing parties
  • Gift shopping
  • Decluttering and organizing walk-in closets
  • Finding a limited edition fashion item you found online
  • Look for properties for sale or for rent
  • Get reservations at a famous restaurant

All these and more are taken care of by the efficient personal assistants working individually or a part of a concierge company in Singapore.

Now if you’re an entrepreneur who’s optimistic in providing the ‘luxury of time’ back for the busy professionals, we simply are with you in building your own personal concierge company in Singapore. To start things off, your friends here at Enterprise Assurance PAC are here to give you 5 tips and advice so you could successfully provide personal assistant services in Singapore:

Come up with a Unique Brand.

We’re not simply talking about your company name. What we’re pertaining to is the brand that you want to be known for. Know your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and put your efforts on making it popular and in-demand. Ask yourself ‘what do you want your clients to remember about you when they hear your company’.

By determining the true essence of your brand, you’ll be able to get a fair share of the concierge market that has been rapidly increasing every year. That even if you’re considered as a new player in this business sector, the market can easily distinguish you from the well-known industry players like A Winsome Life, Blitz, Concierge Services Singapore, and iINFINITI.

Another pro tip: start your company by focusing first on a niche or a specific service. For example, if you’re more confident on providing personal shopper services, focus on that first. Once you already have a stable amount of loyal customers, that’s the time you can expand and offer let’s say closet organizing, personal styling, or errand services.

Be one step ahead of your clients.

Yes, you’re already providing what your clients need to save on time and effort. Yes, you’re already making money out of it. But always set your eyes on the future. Keep in mind that lifestyles constantly evolve. So in order for you to keep a steady stream of income, you would have to find ways to always be ready to what your customers will eventually need.

In other words, you should always do your homework so that you can be ahead of your market. Be aware of the market needs way before your clients realize they are needs, not wants. Or better yet, master the art of creating the need for your target market.

You will only be able to do this if you are never complacent and just contented with the income you’re currently getting. Continuously analyze your clients’ lifestyles and behaviors. Study their spending patterns. Draw inspiration from top industry players. All these will equip you to be one step ahead.

Remain flexible and adaptable.

In relation to our second advice, you must also be adaptable to change, ALWAYS. If you’re having a difficult time creating a need ahead of your market, at the very least you must be quick enough to adjust to market changes.

As people today live such busy, complicated, and different lives, you must see to it that you are there to provide whenever they need it. Even if you’re concentrating on the niche you have chosen, you still need to be open for other opportunities. For example, most your clients love how you declutter and organize their walk-in closets. If you think you’ll have more clients and referrals if you also help them dress up for special occasions, why not offer this (wardrobe styling) as an add-on; since fashion is already known to be your passion.

Invest in Connections.

It is a known fact that taking care of your contacts is but essential in creating a good and strong word-of-mouth for your business. But also know that your loyal clients, referrals, and referrals of referrals aren’t the only network you need to be concerned about.

You also have to develop and take care of your professional connections. For example, event and party planning services is your best-selling or most in-demand product offering…you should be able to maintain a good (not necessarily large) network of decorators, hosts, DJs, fashion designers, photographers, and more.

By doing so, you will experience benefits like:

  • Get more client referrals from connections
  • Easily get help when you need some from other providers in the industry
  • Create opportunities for growth and expansion
  • Build a stronger reputation and credibility

Make use of digital technology and social media.

Since you’ve already chosen to setup your personal business in Singapore, capitalize on the advancements in digital technology and social media that The Lion City has to offer. Because we have stressed the importance of maintaining client and professional networks, it should already go without saying that it’s essential that you take advantage of social media and technology as part of people’s daily lives and necessities.

Apart from using these channels to promote your business, you may also use them to connect to your customers in a more personal way. Since the life of your business mainly depends on the kind of service you give to your clients, it’s best that they know you are doing your best to communicate and connect with them.

Let them know that you’re here not just to make money, but to touch their lives as well. Answer comments and inquiries promptly. Post blogs and articles that they could relate to. Provide them more convenient ways to reach you and pay for your services using eCommerce. These are just some of the things you can do to build a stronger and hopefully a long-term relationship with your clients.

To end this article, we’ll just leave you with our final advice. The best way to focus on growing your personal assistant and concierge service business in Singapore is to leave all the other things that take your time and attention to professionals. We’re talking about accounting, legal compliance, budgeting, and the like. Leave that to experts like our team here at Enterprise Assurance PAC. In that way, just like your clients, you’re able to focus and put more of your time in the things that matter to you the most.