No business could ever survive without accounting. So no matter how much you hate numbers, if you are running your own business, you simply can’t escape accounting and admin work. That is why, accounting softwares are created. They just make our lives a whole lot easier.

Now, Xero has been in the cloud accounting software industry since 2006. And ever since, it impressively has taken the accounting scene by storm because of its system that makes running a business simply a breeze. Sure, there are lots of contenders that would be able to give you efficient help when it comes to accounting. But have you ever wondered why more and more businesses are migrating to Xero? Read up so you’d be able to understand why.

Here are just some of its key features that’ll surely make you swoon and fall in-love with the Xero accounting software:

1. The Simple and Intuitive XERO Dashboard

Xero is the best choice for business owners who just hate numbers and everything that comes with it because it’s so easy to use. In one glance, you’d be able to see a comprehensive yet simple view of how your business is doing. Your bank and credit account balances, outstanding invoices, monthly cash flow, and more. And the best part is, you can fully customize it according to your needs. Should you want to monitor a particular account, you can easily do that with its special ‘watchlist’ feature. And because of the interactive graphs and metrics available, you can easily spot the money going in and out of your business. It could easily adapt to your needs and preferences. Now who wouldn’t agree to the saying, “a simple life is a happy life”?

2. The XERO Mobile App

One of the main reasons why many business owners hate doing accounting is that it just eats up time. Inputting data, balancing, tracking sales and expenses, and even committing and overriding mistakes – all take hours to finish. But because of Xero’s mobile app, you could do most of your accounting and admin tasks even when you’re on the go. Multi-tasking is simply a breeze with Xero. It just enables you to do daily family errands, go on meetings, head to the mall, or even go on a vacation while you stay on top of your business accounting responsibilities. And because you are able to do invoicing, bank reconciliation, encoding, and more with just your mobile phone, there’s absolutely no need for you to cram whenever the taxation season or the end of an accounting period comes. And by the way, their app is compatible with whatever kind of mobile phone you have. As long as you have a good internet connection, then you’re good to go.

3. Easily Accessible XERO Files

In relation to number 2, Xero eliminates the time allotted for rummaging through your files and recovering a certain document. You may easily use Xero as an exclusive online filing system for your business. It’ll make you more efficient and organized as you can store everything in just one library. You can store picture files of receipts, multiple attachments in a single document, supplier and contact records, and reports, all in one place. Not only that, XERO Files doesn’t only let you store and view these documents. You may choose to email or send them to your business partner, accountant, bookkeeper, store manager, to whomever you like. You may also use this feature on your mobile or tablet.

4. Effortless XERO Invoicing

Claiming expenses and billing your clients could really be a pain. Besides the time-consuming preparation of invoices, receipts, and other paperwork, it is also a hassle to wait for each of account payable to actually be cleared. Thus, Xero makes it a whole lot easy for you. With its online invoicing software, you get paid easily by your clients. Xero also helps you provide online payment features for them. And instead of chasing payments yourself, Xero will do that for you. It can send automated reminders so you won’t forget any of them. You can easily see which accounts are overdue as well. Moreover, while you can get paid fast, you can also pay fast. It has a ‘bulk payment’ feature which allows you to pay your suppliers in batches – all you need to do is just decide on the schedule.

5. XERO’s Find & Recode

This is one feature that your accountant or bookkeeper could easily love. While we understand that it’s a part of their jobs to find financial mistakes or accounting discrepancies and then fix them, Xero is also here to make their tasks easier to handle. Thus, if you are your business’ own accountant and bookkeeper, you’ll surely fall in love with this, too! With the Find & Recode feature, any item on a certain file or document can be easily updated, changed, replaced, or corrected. If before you spend hours just to pinpoint where exactly is the error coming from, now, Xero enables you to do that in just a few seconds – as the software technically does that for you. Finding errors, correcting mistakes, and doing reallocations are now a breeze. Now who else wouldn’t want that?

In all honesty, we could go on and on in providing you with Xero features that you can definitely fall in love with. However, we’d just leave you with this handful. Besides, we wouldn’t want you to just simply take our word for it. The best thing to do is, get their free trial and experience all these for yourself. See for yourself how Xero can easily improve your efficiency and productivity, while helping you grow your business. It can simply change your life!


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