Not so long ago, accountants have thought that the digital age would make their expertise less in demand. Simply put, many have thought that through automation and digital technology, the need for professional accounting services will slowly be history.

But today, all of that has changed. Businesses, including accounting firms, are now enjoying the many perks and benefits of actually being up-to-date with the latest technologies. More and more companies are now taking advantage of cloud computing and accounting softwares such as Xero.

We here at Enterprise Global simply cannot put into words how such a brilliant software like Xero cloud accounting has really helped us do our business and provide exceptional accounting services in Singapore. And honestly, we can really say that migrating to cloud accounting and being a Xero subscriber is not enough- especially if you’re in the bookkeeping and accounting industry.

Here are some of the reasons why we truly believe that accounting firms, most especially the one you’re working with, need a Xero certification:

It’ll show your clients how well you know Xero.

While more and more accounting firms encourage their clients to migrate their systems to the cloud, we strongly believe that it doesn’t stop there. It’s good that your accounting firm has made you realize the importance and advantage of using a cloud accounting software. But to be exact, they should also show you how Xero can grow your business. And so, they wouldn’t be able to do that fully if they’re not yet certified Xero partners.

Xero’s core advisor certification for bookkeepers and accountants provide them the essential skills and know-how to serve clients more efficiently while using their software. By getting official training and certification Xero, accounting firms will definitely get good grounding in the key Xero principles to work, analyze, and report more efficiently to their clients through the use of the software.

Clients also benefit from your Xero rewards and discounts.

Xero-certified accounting partners enjoy more rewards than the regular subscribers. They get rewards by earning points from getting more clients and using Xero more. And as they increase their points, they reach certain Xero champion levels that come with corresponding perks, including discounts.

And you haven’t heard the best part yet. If your accounting firm is already a Xero champion partner, you could also get a taste of those benefits yourself. How? When your accounting firm is already certified, they get to enjoy as much as 30% discount on their subscription (depending on their champion levels). And according to the Xero Partner Agreement, “If your client does not wish to manage and pay for a Xero Business Edition subscription themselves, you may manage and pay for that subscription on their behalf.”

Gain competitive advantage over your strongest rivals.

To be honest, accounting firms who still haven’t embraced the wonders of cloud accounting technology are now way behind. So if you want your company not to be left out in terms of technological and digital advancements, you’d want to work with an accounting firm that’s also up-to-date with everything.

Moreso, those accounting firms that have Xero certification have an edge over those who simply make use of an online computing software or have just migrated to the cloud. All the advancements that come with having Xero accounting Singapore certification allow them to cut costs and serve their clients better, all at the same time.

Speaking of which, we move on to the next one:

Get more clients effortlessly.

For those who don’t know, Xero actually refers about 10,000+ clients to their certified partners every month. So basically, you wouldn’t need additional efforts to gain more, as Xero would gladly help you out.

And apart from referring more clients to you, Xero helps you showcase your expertise more to the businesses and industries who need your services. The Xero HQ’s new advisory directory highlights all the qualified Xero partners to the many people all over the globe searching for efficient accountants. Just by regularly updating your Xero HQ profile, you get to showcase your competencies and industry expertise. Hence, making it easier for you to attract more and more potential clients.

It’s the most efficient way to collaborate with your clients.

Once an accounting firm gets Xero-certified, all the accountants and even the staff from that firm get access to their all-new Xero University Online Curriculum. With this, everyone in the firm will be able to grow their practice and constantly learn more from the best of the best Xero experts.

Because of the knowledge and experience you gain from being Xero-certified, you’ll be able to work with your clients more easily and efficiently than ever before. Apart from the fact that you can share financial information and other data to your clients wherever you are, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the Xero Chatbot for certified partners. This new development integrates directly to your Facebook Messenger so that clients and even other businesses in need of expert accounting advice can easily reach you. It’s a new and easy way to interact all those other potential clients who regularly use social media.

Clients and accounting firms (that are certified Xero Singapore partners) can work together seamlessly to improve business processes and reach goals.

If you truly want your company to embrace such wonders brought about by using this amazing technology, here are some suggestions. Firstly, migrate your system to the best cloud accounting software – Xero. Or better yet, work with an accounting firm that’s already a Xero-certified champion partner, and let them do the rest.

Search no more and choose Enterprise Global. Whatever your accounting needs are, we are here to provide them for you.


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