All You Need to Know About Company Incorporation in Singapore

It is a known fact that Singapore is definitely one of the easiest countries to do business in. Singapore’s government and economy is so friendly and welcoming to all foreign nationals who would want to put up a new business or grow their enterprise in Asia’s Financial Hub. And with all the benefits that await you here in Singapore like lower taxes, government grants, access to extensive trade networks, and more, you could really say that it’ll all be worth it.

Now, if you have actually taken the plunge and you have successfully put up your business in Singapore, you are probably thinking, What’s the next step? Well, assuming that launching your sole proprietorship or partnership business in Singapore was a success, the next (and probably the smartest) move you can take is to incorporate your business there.

Hold your horses, as there’s no need to fret. Yes, sometimes, just hearing the word ‘incorporation’ may be quite overwhelming or scary. But, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. As a matter of fact, your friends here at Enterprise Assurance PAC ought to help you by providing you more or less everything you need to back yourself up with once you decide to embark on incorporating your business in Singapore.

How will I benefit from incorporating my business?


More often than not, business owners get caught up or carried away as their businesses receive great feedback and produce impressive results. Instead of looking forward to create bigger plans for their enterprise, they get stuck in the present. As a result of not looking ahead, it’s a lot difficult for them to handle bigger obstacles.

What we’re saying is this. Once the opportunity arises for you to incorporate your business already, grab it already. Remember, as an entrepreneur, you always have to search for ways so your company would grow – regardless of how booming or successful you are now. That even if your business is already a cash cow now, your mindset should be – how are you going to keep it as a cash cow.

Little do you realize that when you incorporate your business in Singapore, you would get even bigger chances of yielding profit – more than what you are getting right now. Why? Because foreign corporations headquartered here enjoy added perks, advantages, and benefits from the government. Among these are increased personal asset protection, better credibility, perpetual existence, more tax flexibility and deductible expenses.

Why do I need help from company incorporation service providers?


If you are a complete hands-on owner, getting help from company incorporation service providers would really do you good. We all know that generally the process of incorporating a business could take so much time, effort, and sometimes even emotions. Exactly why, companies that provide expert help on incorporation are here. As you currently focus on managing your current business/es, these professionals do everything in their power to make the whole incorporation process easier, less agonizing, and a whole lot faster. Yes, it’ll definitely cost you more, but also know that it’s more advantageous than risky. To make you understand more, here are other benefits you could enjoy once you work with business formation and incorporation specialists:

  • Their knowledge and years of expertise in incorporating all kinds of businesses is valuable.
  • There’s no need to mess up your currently hectic schedule; thus, having the same amount of time to run and manage your business.
  • These service providers apply the latest strategies and most advanced techniques so that they could render their services while providing you with the best solutions for all your needs.
  • Personalized and exclusive service. When it comes to incorporating your business, they are technically at your disposal.
  • Get results fast.

How do I know if it’s a good incorporation company?

As there is already a plethora of companies, firms, and agencies that provide business formation and incorporation services, choosing which one to work with could actually be a tough task. Unfortunately, there are a lot of professionals and so-called experts who claim to provide such services; only to find out that just a handful of them are actually capable of providing you top service.

And even though we have stressed that hiring an incorporation company could do you a lot of good, we also won’t deny the fact that it’s also a make or break situation. That if you unfortunately hire a professional or firm that doesn’t deliver correct results and that are 100% compliant with Singapore laws, then you are in for such big trouble.

So to help you avoid that situation, take note of these essential traits that you should look for in a company incorporation firm:

  • Trustworthy – Remember, you as you work with these individuals, you are also sharing with them your company’s confidential information, trade secrets, and the like. Thus, you have to make sure that they have a well-established protection and security system.
  • Knowledgeable and Experienced – Investigate how long have they been in the industry and find out which (existing) companies they have already helped and worked for. In that way, you’ll be able to find out if they’re as effective as they say they are.
  • Honest and Transparent – Does their incorporation service packages seem too good to be true? Or are their services just too expensive? They should be able to explain to clearly why their rates and packages are like that. They shouldn’t mind providing you with proof to back up their claims on the quality of their services.
  • Has an impressive network – One way to find out about their reputation is to know if they are not just limited to Singapore. If they have a trusted network of clients all over the world, then that doesn’t only give proof to their expertise and reputation, but also, you are assured that they’d be more capable of handling more difficult challenges (especially those with socio-economic factors).
  • Systematic and Efficient – When talking about incorporation, probably the some of the first things that pop into your minds are paperwork or legal stuff. Well, that’s true. That is why, when finding professionals who could help you, it is but a must that you choose those who has a tested and proven system of handling and processing things. By making sure they are efficient and systemic, you are less prone to experiencing mishaps and complications in the process.
  • Updated and Innovative – You should see that these professionals are committed to getting ahead of their strongest competitors. And because of that commitment, they should always use the most up-to-date technologies and strategies in every phase of their operations.

Now which service provider do I choose?

Because you now know how beneficial getting company incorporation services is and what traits you need to look for in a business incorporation firm, we’re thinking that you’d probably want to get a heads-up on which service provider in SG you could really choose. Well, in all honesty, as all those qualities we have mentioned earlier are important, we truly believe that what you should look for first is this: They should have your best interest at heart. Because the truth of the matter is, if this is present, all the rest will go next. If the company incorporation firm has indeed been in the industry for many decades, but in reality, doesn’t have your best interest at heart, then the results wouldn’t still turn out as you expected.

If you really want to work with a Singapore company incorporation firm that has your best interest at heart as well as all those essential traits, choose Enterprise Assurance PAC. Our team of experts is strongly committed to helping you and your company achieve your short- and long-term goals in the most efficient way possible. But don’t just take our word for it. Instead shoot us an email or speak with our friendly and accommodating staff so we may answer all your concerns and queries.