Because of the constant changes and developments in information technology and the internet, more and more accounting firms all over the world consider partnering with cloud accounting software developers to take their services to greater heights – and that includes us, Enterprise Global. And if you have been an avid reader of our blogs, it isn’t a surprise how we are indeed persistent advocates of cloud accounting software Xero.

Now if you’re a professional accountant or you own an accounting firm, do you know that you can also experience for yourselves all the perks and advantages that come with being a Xero certified partner? Well basically, if your firm already has clients that use Xero, you are already a Xero partner. However, if you’d like to reap the benefits like getting more new clients easily, free products and software for accountants, attend exclusive Xero accounting events, and winning awards to showcase your firm’s expertise, among others, then you really need to consider joining the Xero partner program just like us.

And don’t worry, we here at Enterprise Global will give you all the down low on becoming a certified Xero partner. So read up and take note of these steps so you could become one in no time:

Sign up!

If you’re now ready to grow your accounting firm by partnering with Xero, signify that great move by heading to their website and quickly filling out their Xero Partner form. It just needs some basic details of your practice or business, and you’re already on the right track to unlocking the great benefits of being a certified Xero partner.

Complete the Xero Certification Program

Xero has made it truly easy for interested professionals and organizations to partner with them by developing a 100% online certification process through XU or Xero University. Now in order to be officially certified, at least one of your staff would have to accumulate at least 40 XU credits. These credits are earned when you complete certain courses – some are core and some are elective. They simply have numerous flexible learning options available in Xero U so from the beginning, you could already take advantage of all the efficiencies Xero bring. Plus, you’ll learn a lot more to be even successful in the accounting field.

Roughly, an hour of online training could get you about 10 XU credits. So you’ll need to spare at least 4 hours to complete the needed credits for certification.

Yes, it’s really easy. But you haven’t heard the best part yet. All the online courses offered at Xero U are completely free. So if you’d want to learn more and even exceed the minimum credits needed, feel free to take up other courses as much as you’d like. And since it’s online, the whole process is self-paced. If your schedule couldn’t really allow you to finish everything in a day, you need not worry because you can stop and continue on the day and time you’re free.

Maintain your certification

If you’ve successfully made your accounting firm Xero-certified, you’d want to keep reaping all the benefits, right? In order to do that, you need to attend 2 additional hours of training (get at least 20 XU credits) at Xero U every 12 months – no biggie.

But just in case you have lost track and forgot to do that even after a year has passed, you still have the chance to gain your certification back in 2 ways: (1) go through the whole regular course and test route just like what you did before or, (2) correctly answer at least 3 random challenge questions. Then, you’ll easily get re-certified.

Just like what we experienced here at Enterprise Global, being Xero-certified provides you all the know-how you need to further serve your clients more efficiently across a number of key areas. And Xero even helps open more doors for you to grow your firm. So if you want to experience all the benefits of being a certified Xero partner, don’t hesitate and follow these steps now. Should you want to know more, we would be more than glad to answer any of your questions. Click the button below to talk to us!


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