If you are about to open a restaurant or you are already running one, you should already know by now that your success doesn’t simply rely on the quality of your food and your service. Because apart from the tough competition that you’re facing, you also have to acknowledge the fact that just like running any kind of business, you’d have to manage your finances well.

Sure, running a restaurant, cafe, or bar is truly a promising and profitable business. But with lots of different kinds of transactions that go on daily, you just got to admit that it’s important for you to keep a close eye on your inventory, costs, daily revenue, and basically, your cash flow.

So if you have already decided to use a competitive cloud accounting software for your restaurant business such as Xero, we here at Enterprise Global honestly commend you for making such a wise business move. Even before you actually open your restaurant, Xero can already help you out. It can easily make managing your capital, expenses, inventory, revenue, and others a whole lot easier.

And since you’re already on the right track in terms of growing your restaurant with the help of Xero accounting software, we ought to provide you a little more push to aid you in reaching your goals easier.

Check out this list of amazing restaurant apps that you can use and integrate with Xero:


Thinking of running a restaurant without having to invest on a hefty cash register and POS system? Then iKentoo makes that possible for you. iKentoo is an iPad POS system that is trusted by many restaurant and hospitality business owners all over the world. And apart from it being linked to Xero (which is one of the best parts actually), we’re pretty sure that you’ll love its uncomplicated and super user-friendly interface. Teaching your staff to use it will simply be a breeze. And to give you a taste of what it can really do for you, here are some of its features:

  • Order Taking (menus & sequences, table & orders list, table-side ordering, deliveries & takeaway)
  • Table Management (seating plan, quick transfer by server, multi-course ordering)
  • Closing Orders (multi-payment transactions, bill-splitting, loyalty card integration, variable VAT rates, multi-currency)
  • Printer Management (multiple production tickets, menu item grouping, cash report printing)


A restaurant, cafe, or bar, technically relies on how well its staff works – how good your chef cooks, how well your waiters serve, how fast your service is, and the like. So if you believe that you’ve got the best team for your restaurant business, well, there’s one thing you must do: make sure that they are managed and compensated well. To help you with that, use this awesome Xero-integrated app that’ll make things life easier for you as an employer.

Deputy is simply the ultimate employee management software that is basically perfect for any kind of business. It’ll help you keep track of your employees attendance and productivity and at the same time, makes sure they get paid on time.

Here are some of the things that you can do with Deputy:

  • Find available staff and create custom schedules and task lists for each one
  • Timekeeping per employee
  • Approve time sheets
  • Calculates overtimes, penalties, and allowances automatically
  • Complete payroll in just one click


If you think you still have a lot to catch up on when it comes to high-tech digital stuff, and you’re looking for just one app that’ll help you with almost everything when it comes to running your restaurant business, Nobly might just be the answer to all your prayers!

Nobly is an EPOS software system that is packed with awesome features to help you manage your restaurant, cafe, or bar. To help you have a clear picture of what we’re really talking about, here are just some of its standout features:

  • Table Service  – send receipts directly to the kitchen, tableside ordering, customize table layout, edit tabs for mistakes and order changes, bill splits
  • Ingredient Tracking – aids in generating cost and profit reports easily per product
  • Inventory Management – never run out of stock
  • Loyalty & CRM – setup loyalty schemes, discover and take care of loyal customers
  • Multiple Payment Methods – accept all kinds of payment methods, easily integrate discounts, vouchers, refunds, store credits, gift cards, etc.


Want to track your daily revenue better even if you’re not in your resto? Use the Square app with Xero. The Square POS system is specifically designed to be run on your smartphone or tablet. Once you sync it with your Xero account, you can now easily manage everything about your company’s finances. Here’s a quick view of its features:

  • Keep track of all your tips, refunds, discounts, and even money owed
  • Fast reconciliation of daily sales even when you’re on-the-go
  • Takes care of digital inventories, receipts, and sales reports
  • Provides valuable analytics and feedback
  • Works with various hardware and software accessories
  • Reduces manual data entry of payments and other POS data to Xero


If you own a pub, or if you have a bar in your restaurant, we know you know that serving alcoholic drinks is highly profitable for your company. Despite that very promising situation, you must also know that managing your inventory poorly could easily eat away that money-making opportunity. Hence, using a specialized Xero app such as BarTab is the wisest thing to do.

Here are just a few of the key benefits of using BarTab:

  • Simple and intuitive interface that helps your staff provide even faster service
  • Track variances between sales and payments
  • Accurately monitor your bar stock and dry inventory
  • Plan and schedule your best staff while forecasting sales
  • Have a real time view of your daily profits
  • Create bills in Xero for any cash purchases made during the day
  • Save time on bookkeeping


Does your food company also provide catering services? Don’t you worry, there’s also an app that could help you run your catering operations more efficiently. Use the FoodStorm app and sync it with your Xero account.

FoodStorm is a web-based catering software that provides you all the support you need to provide excellent service to your customers. It saves you lots of time, effort, and money on the painful admin work. It helps you get paid easily and on time. And to top all that, here are a few of its awesome features:

  • Online ordering with features like delivery time, kitchen orders, and special requests
  • Automated invoicing and payments processing
  • Order tracking
  • Customized printing
  • Automated accurate reports on production, deliveries, inventories, and sales

It’s really true when they say, ‘opening a restaurant is easy, but making your business last long in the tough food industry is where the real challenge is’. But when you make the smart decision of using the best software like Xero and these aforementioned apps, plus the help of competitive financial experts like us here at Enterprise Global, facing the strongest competition will be a lot easier. Because once you let us help you with all your admin, accounting, finance, and other tasks, you can focus more on serving good food and providing great customer service.


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