How to Choose an Effective Company Secretary?

The strict and uncompromising rules of Singapore’s ACRA are kind of putting an additional pressure on the company – or the business owner. Knowing how grave the role of a company secretary is for your company in Singapore, you don’t just want to simply hire one because it’s a legal requirement. You would want to choose and hire one because he or she is perfect for the role.

However, if you’re now at that point where you simply don’t know where to start and you do not want to not commit any mistakes when choosing the perfect one for your business, don’t you worry. Your friends here at Enterprise Assurance PAC are here to guide and help you.

We’ll give you all the important tips on finding and choosing an effective company secretary for your business in Singapore.

Assuming you already have a clear understanding of all the duties and responsibilities of a company secretary, more or less you should also know that it is but vital that you find these essential traits and qualities in that person you’ll hire:

  • Years of experience in being a Singapore company secretary
  • Expertise in corporate governance and legal compliance
  • Updated and experienced in the appropriate organizational frameworks, strategies, and policies
  • Good planning and strategizing skills
  • Keen eye for detail with excellent organisational skills
  • Commitment to the company
  • Effective communication skills (from rank and file to board of directors)
  • Ability to make good and sound judgements
  • Outstanding integrity, impartiality, and independence
  • Honest and trustworthy in knowing when to rightfully disclose company matters
  • An expert in time- and crisis-management
  • Flair for teamwork and cooperation

Although all these traits and qualities should help you find the best company secretary, we also know that as we add more and more items on this list, the more it becomes harder for you to really find someone who possesses all that.

But at some point we know that this must have crossed your mind: how then will you even get to find “the one” if you don’t have the choices to begin with?

Here are some tips on how you can find and get your company a set of company secretaries to choose from:

1. Get expert help.

Seek assistance from professionals in Singapore who are experts in recruiting company secretaries. We all know that the need for good company secretaries aren’t really new. So basically, there are lots of HR companies and recruitment agencies that provide assistance on this one. Just a reminder, work with a company based in Singapore so that they are already fully aware of all the government rules and requirements.

2. Ask for referrals.

Even though you believe you’re still a newbie in the business world, we refuse to believe that there isn’t anyone who can help you in finding the perfect company secretary for your business in Singapore. So, don’t be afraid to ask the people you’ve worked with or done business with before. Let your directors, investors, and partners know that you are in need of a good company secretary. Ask your loyal clients, suppliers, and even friends that you may have in your rival companies.

3. Consider outsourcing.

Should all your in-house or personal efforts fail in leading you to the effective company secretary you’re looking for, it certainly won’t hurt if you consider outsourcing. Because it may also be possible that there’s kind of a scarcity in the number of willing and available professional company secretaries in Singapore. There are actually companies that provide company secretary services so instead of hiring just one person (and going through the traditional recruitment and hiring process for a single individual), you are to hire a business that provides company secretarial services. It’s like hiring a consulting firm, it’s just that there are added responsibilities. Yes, it could cost more on your budget, but the simplest way to go about it is to see it as buying a package. You’re not only hiring a corporate secretary, but you’re also getting added services of business consultant/s.

Are you leaning more to option number 1 in your quest to finding the perfect company secretary for your business in Singapore? Let us help you. We here at Enterprise Assurance PAC are more than willing to help you out with your startup needs including legal, financial, administrative, recruitment and company secretarial needs. Send us an email to know more.