Because of an unlimited access to its user-friendly features, an impressive large network of third-party applications, and an incomparable customer support service, it surely isn’t surprising that Xero is now considered as today’s best cloud accounting software for small and medium sized businesses. Hence, more and more companies all over the globe are now choosing, switching, and migrating to Xero accounting software.

But if you are now running your own business and you’re currently using a different accounting software like Quickbooks Online, that doesn’t mean you won’t get to experience the wonders of using Xero or better yet, being a Xero partner.

As a matter of fact, we here at Enterprise Global truly believe that the benefits of being a Xero partner are more than enough for you to decide to try out cloud accounting. And that’s why we’re here – to make you see that migrating your existing accounting and financial data to Xero from QuickBooks doesn’t have to be that stressful.

Just read on so you could breeze through the whole migration process in a jiffy…

First things first:  If you have already been considering switching to Xero for quite some time now and you are really convinced that Xero is the perfect accounting software for your SME, then we’re guessing that starting from scratch has already crossed your mind more than once. Well, we hate to break it to you but, since you have already been using a capable cloud accounting software such as QuickBooks, it’ll be best if you really migrate your data. Don’t get too overwhelmed or over-stressed about it yet. Here are the reasons why you should convert your existing data in QuickBooks to Xero:

  1. It’s Faster – As you may have already experienced when you first decided to use QuickBooks, setting up your business in Xero from scratch will also use up more of your precious time. Instead of focusing on leveraging on Xero’s features, you’ll be more consumed on inputting all your information and data to Xero. Migrating with the use of Xero’s conversion tools is definitely faster. It will transfer and convert all your customer info, bills, invoices, and other documents for you.
  2. It’s Free – Of course as business owners we understand that it’s but normal for you to opt for ways that could help you save money or reduce costs. So if you think letting Xero do all the migrating for you would cost you a lot, then you thought wrong! Xero will gladly convert all your existing QuickBooks files absolutely for free.
  3. It’s Wiser – It would be smart for you as a business owner if you wouldn’t trash all your QuickBooks data and start from scratch with Xero. It wouldn’t be wise for you to maintain both systems, either. The best way to go about it is to migrate your files to Xero so you could compare the financial data from the previous fiscal years, even if you have started using a new cloud accounting software. Again, you don’t have to worry because Xero will let you do all that. Xero will not only help you convert all your QB data even from the last 2 fiscal years, but also, it will let you easily run comparison financial reports so you could easily identify trends and problem areas.

Prepping for Your Xero Migration

Once you’re 101% decided to migrate all your data from QB to Xero, there are some things we need to remind you about before jumping right in.

Make sure that all your outstanding tasks are completed – bank accounts reconciled, all open credits applied to respective invoices, and the like. Also, it’s best that you double-check if you or your accountant has already cleaned up all your data. Example, if there had been any errors or inaccurate information that you had been meaning to take care of, make sure to fix everything before conversion. Update even your customers’ and suppliers’ contact information. Delete all accounts that have never been used and merge all accounts that have duplicates.

And before everything else, you must know that all your files must be saved in the appropriate file type/s so Xero could easily convert them. Back them up and/or save them with these file extensions: .QBB, .QBW, and .QBXML.

Now that you’re all set, follow this guide:

Steps to Convert from QuickBooks to Xero

  1. Go to the Xero Singapore website. Sign up for a Xero account and take advantage of its 30-day free trial. All you need to do is just provide some of your contact information and just agree to Xero’s Terms and Conditions and voila – you’re already an official Xero user!
  2. You’ll receive an activation email from Xero just seconds after signing up. Quickly head to your email account and just click the link embedded in that email to activate your account. After that, you’ll also have to set your password and confirm that you’re already activating your Xero account.
  3. Complete the necessary fields in the dialogue box or web page that appears after activation. Add your organization (business or company name) to Xero. After filling out the boxes, you will notice at the bottom where there’s a link so you could “Convert your QuickBooks files for Free”. Click that. Confirm that you are currently using QuickBooks and then click the Continue button.
  4. You can now choose which QuickBooks files you would like to convert and transfer. In the next dialogue box or window that will appear, you will also have to supply some necessary information about all the files that you are about to convert. For example, if a specific QB file has a password, you would have to enter your user id and the file password.
  5. After you have prepared all files ready for conversion and have agreed to the Terms of Use, you can now let Xero take care of all the rest. Note that the whole conversion process could actually take about 3 hours even up to a few days, depending on the size of all the QuickBooks files you are migrating. Don’t worry ‘coz you can easily check out and view the progress of the conversion as well as fix errors, should there be any.
  6. You will receive a an email notification from Xero that conversion is now complete. In that email as well, you will be asked to select a subscription plan before you can actually review all the data that has been migrated.


After successfully migrating to Xero from your old QuickBooks system, you can now enjoy this beautiful accounting software as you manage and run your own business.

Or better yet, let the experts here at Enterprise Global help you take advantage of all the Xero features and benefits that await you. Whatever your needs or concerns are with regards to making the most out of your Xero subscription, we are most definitely willing to be of assistance!

And before we forget, even if you are a current user of a different accounting system other than QuickBooks, the process is still as fast and easy! Simply shoot us an email to know more or dial +65 6224 1164/65.


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