Enterprise Assurance PAC is a firm of Chartered Accountants and our goal is to help foreign companies start a business in Singapore. We provide entrepreneurs with expert advice and assistance when it comes to company incorporation. Our goal is to become your trusted partner in setting up your company in Singapore.

Are you an entrepreneur specializing in IT, transport, digital marketing, food and beverages or eCommerce? Singapore is simply a land of amazing business opportunities and the good news is, we can definitely help your business grow and succeed here.

Our Expertise

Company Incorporation

We will guide you in the company set up and you will receive expert advice should you have other business ideas or requirements. Our phone lines are always open if you have questions regarding the registration of your company in Singapore. We’ll also notify you if the incorporation process will take more time or if ACRA will require additional documents.

Visa Application

The Ministry of Manpower has a set number of requirements for each type of visa. As the requirements are subject to change without prior notice, it is best to check MOM’s website to get the updated list of documents needed for your application. You can also contact us and arrange an appointment. We’re always ready to listen to your unique needs.

Bank Account Opening

Many reputable organizations in the world have acknowledged Singapore as one of the leading financial hubs. With superior technology, low taxes and efficient transport and infrastructure, Singapore is the place to be for entrepreneurs dreaming to make it big and expand their business globally.

Accounting Services

EAPAC prides itself on being able to work with some of the largest businesses in Singapore, Korea and Japan. Our clients include Samsung, Dintec, Asia Plantation Capital and Institute for Infocomm Research. We have outlined some of the reasons why choosing us as your accounting firm is the best choice you’ll ever make.

Audit Services

As one of the country’s leading incorporation firms, Enterprise Assurance PAC provide quality audit which is conducted in accordance with the Singapore Standards on Auditing (SSA) and other requirements. Our expert public accountants are not only focused on generating reports but they are also committed to encouraging and educating business people about their roles in the audit process and the value of a good audit.

Forensic Audit

Enterprise Assurance PAC has a team of professionals who are experts in criminology and accounting. Our team is highly trained and skilled to follow money trail, keep track of balance sheets and point out inaccuracies in income or expenditures. Apart from that, our team has conducted forensic audits numerous times, making our staff knowledgeable and reliable in providing expert testimony during trial proceedings.

Company Secretarial Services

EAPAC have a team of expert financial and accounting professionals with more than 10 years of experience growing small and medium enterprises. Our clients can attest that we take things seriously and we are only committed to deliver quality service. We have a lot of delighted clients who refer us to their friends and business partners because of the positive experience they have had with us.

Financial Due Diligence

EAPAC’s in-depth due diligence service helps business owners grasp the possible impacts of certain business transactions and we enable them to move forward quickly while reducing business disruptions as we implement changes based on our findings.

Tax Planning & Compliance Services

EAPAC will help you take advantage of all available tax-saving strategies. We can provide you with technical support required to comply with the tax law. Our team includes expert accountants and attorneys who have the expertise in all areas of income, estate and corporate taxation. We can come up with a well thought-out tax planning strategy that involves legitimate methods of tax-optimisation to ensure that your business is well-protected.


In EAPAC, we know just how much time accountants spend going over the books to ensure that everything is accounted for. Any mistake from an accountant could lead to potential losses and worse – closure of the business. It is exactly the reason why EAPAC is committed to making accounting easier for business owners so that apart from their accountants, they will also have a clear overview of their financial situation.

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