How Can Mobile Technology Help Your Business?

Mobile technology is becoming increasingly popular each day. At first, customers were hesitant about ordering items through online, but recent studies show that many individuals use their smartphones or tablets to research on a service or product. In addition, there are many smartphones shipped across the world each day. This is an indication that more customers are utilizing the services offered by mobile technology. Therefore, this is a trend that should not be ignored as you need mobile technology to reach many more customers and increase your sales.

Small businesses have become dependent on mobile technology. It is claimed that 85% of small businesses at the moment use smartphones. Also, 80% of small firms which are less than two years uses mobile technology to gain a competitive edge in their business. It is no doubt that mobile technology would be a great contributor to the success of any business.

Many successful businesses like Tesco, eBay, and Amazon have invested heavily in mobile technology. As a result, they have increased tremendously their customer base which boosts revenue and overall productivity of their employees. Though, your business might be at starting stages, embrace the use of mobile technology and use BYOD (bring your own device) policy if you do not enough resources to purchase the tools. This ensures that every employee will be well-connected and they can work from anywhere and thus, enhance productivity. With your smartphone, you do not need to be tied to an office or worry how the sales or other processes are while you are away. You will be able to access the information from anywhere and at any time.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are operating in, mobile technology is vital keeping it lively. Truly, mobile technology is changing businesses. With it, your clients/consumers are able to:

  • Find more information about you (location, services/products).
  • Access business critical information and data within seconds.
  • Promote to friends or family about your business.
  • Engage with your business operators with ease.
  • Get to communicate directly in an efficient and productive way.

With all the above available to the public, you will be determined to work hard to better your product/services (make them unique) and offer quality service to the customers. As a result, your customer will differentiate and purchase your products/services to give you advantage over competitors. Increasing sales/revenue each day will help you grow and in the end have your dream business

For better mobile technology services, ensure to follow these practical steps:

  • Manage social media efforts – Through mobile technologies, you are able to better connect with your customers or prospect via social media. There are many mobile applications that allow you to automate social media processes.
  • Use Cloud – You can streamline your operations through using cloud-based apps. You will be able to store your data remotely. This allow you to access information from anywhere and work from any part of the world. Therefore, saves time and ensure that you are productive.
  • Move employees online – Connectivity your staff connected always using scheduling and calendar applications, on the move with mobile applications.

Advantages of using Mobile Technology in your Business

  • Productivity Improvement

Mobile technology is the way to-go option as it enhances efficiency, speed and convenience. It boosts portability as the employees can use tablets for their presentation as opposed to papers, which is tiresome. Therefore, it is a more convenient way to give reports on certain areas or bring in new options. Also, employees can work from any place and at any time, rather than being in one place.  This improves flexibility at the workplace. Therefore, the business will save relocation costs and incur fewer expenses in the physical office.

  • Collaboration

Mobile technology improves efficiency in your business. It is the key change to how you run your business, increase collaboration and connectivity. Therefore, you can earn new revenue. Collaboration involves use of mobile technology devices like smartphones, cloud-based file sharing and mobile applications. Therefore, employees with tablets or smartphones will be able to be provided with corporate emails to access the business data and work on their respective tasks. Through collaboration, employees are empowered and thus, make them reach their highest potentials for the success of the business.

  • Accessibility/Convenience

Mobile technology ensures that employees can access needed information from different devices so that they can have their tasks done faster. Also, it helps employees access and print their documents from their tablets/smartphones/laptops on demand. Achieving convenience in an office is a good sign that there efficiency. Therefore, there is no time wastage.

  • Project Management

Project management has been affected by use of new systems and technologies in the business world. It has changed how project teams are managed. Fortunately, mobile technology allows project teams use mobile technology tools to communicate and collaborate with the teams remotely and ensure that they are updated on any development. Emails, blogs, chat, real-time updates, discussion forums and notification have helped project managers do more within a short period, and with less resources.

  • Live Updates/Get To Date Information

Managers can use emails to communicate latest development in the business with the employees. It helps them know their positions or tasks while working on certain goals. Also, customers receive current products/services available via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Push Notifications

Utilize mobile technology to alert customer of new products/services and also make sure that they are aware of any discounts offered by the business. Therefore, this may convince them to purchase your products as often as possible. The good thing is that push notification can be send to as many people as possible without additional cost, instantaneously.

  • Data Analytics/Trend Report

Mobile technology can help predict future trends and therefore, a business can be proactive to avoid/minimize losses. You can project your sales and work towards your target seamlessly with help of technologies. Knowledge discovery tools are also useful in coming up with new products/services and thus, make you unique in the industry. You can identify a gap in the field also and serve it well.


Are you aspiring to grow bigger and faster? Incorporate the use of mobile technology to gain a competitive edge against your market competitors. Get started before it’s too late. With mobile technology, there are higher chances of building your dream business.

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