10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship is Amazing 

Entrepreneurship can be challenging for starters. Challenges may arise from finding a business idea, collecting all requisite resources, overcoming growing pains to the successful management of what you build. Have you thought of how successful businesses made it? It is very important to learn the success story/journey of such entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Amazon, Starbucks, and Microsoft. Know their mistakes and how they overcome them, therefore, you will be more innovative. Innovation is not static, thus, one of your ideas may lead to a new way of improving the old idea; in the end, you will realize growth. Fortunately, the entrepreneurial challenges do not outweigh the benefits of being a successful entrepreneur. Below are 10 reasons why entrepreneurship is amazing!

Increased freedom of all types

Entrepreneurship offers more freedom than a traditional job role. Being your own boss means that you can dictate what you do, when you do it, and how you do it. One could argue that there is a limit to this freedom because entrepreneurship has greater responsibilities, but this is easily balanced out when what you are doing is a passion and not a chore. This does however require more discipline because you may fail due to abusing the freedom.

The successful entrepreneurs admit that it is what you love doing that will make you wake up each day hoping for the best even when things are not moving forward. Keep trying and work hard because even Google did not get to where it is now just by one trial; it took time, patience, several failed business ideas, but at last it sailed through. Increased freedom also means that you can shift business lines with ease if the current one is not working out. This gives the entrepreneur greater manoeuvrability and can enable them to survive in the long run.


The problems associated with being an entrepreneur force one to think outside the box. It is not an easy niche to get into and to survive one must be quick, adaptable and keep an open eye. This can lead to the invention of cutting-edge ways to solve previous problems. In the process one may even land on some fantastic ideas. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and the entrepreneurial field has been found to revolutionize problem solving. If you are a starting entrepreneur and you are stuck in one of the stages, do not be afraid to learn from other successful entrepreneurs. This gives you an insight on how they solved a similar problem.

Work at your own pace

Greater control means you can grow your business in the time you want to. You can set a vision and goal, then time them as you please. To a degree, this pace is determined by the market forces and other factors, but entrepreneurship does come with more autonomy than traditional job roles. This may not be true in all cases. Sometimes an entrepreneur may have to work harder than those in traditional job roles because it comes with added duties. When success does reach a certain degree, however, one can be free to work at any pace they like. This does require that the pace chosen does not adversely affect business and steps must be put into place to prevent this. Therefore, as many successful businesses, ensure you invest in mobile technology as early as possible as it helps you work from anywhere and at any time.

Create your own opportunities

Entrepreneurship demands a keen eye and the ability to create opportunities where there have been none. One of the ways to flourish as a self-made individual is to be able to create utility where you need to. Identify a gap and provide the product or service or changing the ones already offered to satisfy the customers. Also, it is going to the extra mile and creating unique product/ service just like Nike did. This is regarded as one of the core qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

Increased earning ability

One of the major advantages of being an entrepreneur is that it can be done part time. This can be used to augment the current income. Another useful tool is the ability to diversify as much as capital allows. This can be used to maximize profits in the stronger markets. Another advantage is the added ability to invest using the principle of letting your money work as you rest. This greatly amplifies earning ability and can increase quality of life. As such, a balance between traditional work roles and entrepreneurial spirit can increase your income base. Entrepreneurship can also enable you to earn more than being an employee.

However, making money/profit should not be the number one priority in your list because you may not pay attention to the most important things in the business like the customers and products or services. Money should help make things happen in the business. Having said that, do you think that entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Donald Trump and Bill Gates had money as their priority? No, because they could not be still in the businesses as they have already had billions, but rather, they chose to serve the people by creating products for them.

Work fulfillment

A key trait for entrepreneurs is the passion they have for what they do. To be successful, you must have a passion for the line you are in and not do it out of necessity. The ability to tackle obstacles and endure can also leave one feeling very fulfilled. This can give greater job satisfaction and in the long run will improve the quality of your life. Therefore, for the up and coming entrepreneurs, it is important to engage in a field where you have passion in or love.

Increased job security

Unlike the employment sector, entrepreneurs are not easily fired. They are crucial to their organizations and in most cases inseparable from it. This means that they have very high job security. This comes with a disadvantage in that if the organization fails so do they. This can be turned into strength by being used as the drive that motivates the entrepreneur to do better each day. Set your goals/objectives and work towards achieving them so that you can last forever in the field. As a growing entrepreneur keep your goals simple and easy to accomplish so that you can get motivated as you grow.

Personal pride

The core of entrepreneurship is the ability to recognize a market deficiency, capitalize on it and create. Doing this successfully can give one a sense of achievement. Entrepreneurs are often recognized as leaders in society and this can also increase status. The respect that a successful entrepreneur such as Bill Gates gets is immense; he is an inspiration to many. The good thing is he started where you are now, thus, keep working hard. However, you must be careful not to let the pride get into your head as it may lead to your failure.

Longevity of Success

Once an entrepreneur can create something, they can take steps to ensure it lasts longer than they do. Some are passed on from generation to generation while others are structured in ways that ensure they survive well after the founder is gone. This type of legacy can be the hallmark of an entrepreneur. As you start, think of something that can compete competitively over decades.

Ability to do social good

Once successful, an entrepreneur can choose to invest in philanthropy. Whether through charities, foundations or Corporate Social Responsibility, their ability to do social good is magnified. They can also benefit their employees and use conscious business practices to better the lives of their consumers. This means that not only do they benefit personally, they also affect those who are directly below them and beyond. This can be a very satisfying thing, over and above success. For that reason, start investing in giving back to the community projects as soon as possible, in fact, even in your first year contribute something for charity. This cultivates the culture of helping others and you will be able to contribute millions in future without having to think twice.


Entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted. It is neither easy nor a sure bet. A lot of people fail or do not get to see their solid plans come into fruition fast enough. It requires a delicate balance of intelligence, grit, determination, and luck. However, with the help of Enterprise Assurance PAC, we can assist in setting up your business smoothly. Whatever part of your business you need we’re here for you as we have plenty of experts and specialists with the knowledge to assist you. Contact us today for a professional consultation. That said, when done well and with the right goals, it can be an amazing experience for all who venture into it!