Top 5 Reasons Why You Should
Visit Singapore Now




The tourism industry is a major contributor to Singapore’s booming economy. In the first quarter of this year alone, the number of International Visitor Arrivals have increased by 4% (+4.3M) as compared to the same quarter of last year. People from all over the world – single, married, and with their friends and families alike, just had to see and experience for themselves the wondrous and exciting things that Singapore has to offer. To prove that, even the Tourist Receipts grew by 15%.

According to the Tourism Statistics Board of Singapore, last year, the tourists’ purpose of visit are as follows: approximately 58% come here for leisure and holiday, 22% go for business, 12% come for education, career and other reasons. As a matter of fact, Singapore ranks 11th in the whole world for Travel and Tourism competitiveness, next to Japan for all Asian countries. Now if you are simply one of those people who still don’t feel that urge to come and visit this small yet amazing country, then let us honestly tell you – you are missing a whole lot!

Want to know why we say you should visit Singapore now? Let us convince you by sharing with you just 5 of all the many reasons:

Feel Safe and Secure

Whenever you’re thinking about going to a place that you’ve never been to before, what is your top most concern? Of course, it’s your safety. Singapore truly won’t disappoint you on this one. They take pride in having one of the world’s lowest crime rates. This is probably the reason why international visitors simply do not hesitate to bring their little kids with them.

Moreover, Singapore has very strict laws and regulations regarding cleanliness and sanitation. Did we mention that they have founded the World’s First Toilet Organization? Yes, you’ve got that right. That’s the extent as to how they value sanitation. So the chances of acquiring some disease there is very unlikely.

Wide Variety of Local Food

If you have that passion for scrumptious food and you are continuously in search of Instagram-worthy delicacies, this IS the country to visit. Singaporeans simply love their food. Their rich cultural heritage is a perfect mix of both Western and Eastern features, so is their food. You may find all kinds of varieties of cuisines, regardless of your budget. You may do as the locals do and eat from hawker stalls and other authentic local eats and it won’t even put a dent on your wallets. Or if you have to splurge, you may also get a taste of the unique dishes from some of the Michelin-recognized restaurants in the country. Whatever your taste may be – Chinese, American, Indonesian, or Indian – name it and you’ll surely find it here.

Experience both Nature and Modern Living

Some people might think that because Singapore is a humble island city-state, what it has to offer can be limited. Well, that’s where they’re wrong. Because Singaporeans simply have that passion to strive for perfection, they are committed to improving every single aspect of life. You can actually see that just by merely taking a look at the surroundings.

It is indeed a very modern city with lots of picturesque buildings, monuments, and infrastructure. Its skyline is as iconic as it could get. And despite having state-of-the-art facilities, they never ever neglect the importance of taking care of nature. They constantly strive for sustainable living. It is a perfect blend of natural and urbanized environment. It is so evident that you may immediately see that upon arriving at the amazing Changi Airport or going to the iconic spots like the Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.

Year-round Shopping

Some loyal visitors don’t refer to Singapore as Asia’s Paris for nothing. It’s no doubt that Singaporeans really do love shopping; hence, one of the most-awaited time of the year is the Great Singapore Sale. There is simply a huge variety of shopping options you can go crazy about. If you are the frugal and budget-conscious shopper, you may head to the Night Market, Bugis Street, or even Chinatown. Shopaholics will rave over the massive flagship outlets of Victoria’s Secret, Uniqlo, Sephora, and other famous brands. And for the luxurious shoppers? You definitely have a place here just by heading to the Dover Street Market at COMO Dempsey or to the famous Orchard Road.

The Club Scene and Events

Party-goers of all ages and nationalities just don’t want to miss out on the latest Singapore club scene. Apart from the everyday parties at the ZoukOut, Clarke Quay, and Siloso Beach Party, Singapore is also home to different kinds of much-awaited yearly events like the Formula 1, Sundown Maration, Soulscape Festival, Neonlights Festival, Singapore Food Festival, and a lot more. Currently, rooftop bars are incredibly popular. Some even have infinity pools. So really – whatever your hobbies, skills, or interests are, Singapore will definitely have something for you.

If these top 5 reasons won’t allure you to go and experience Singapore yourself, we honestly don’t know what could. Everything you need and want is offered with perfection, class, variety, and uniqueness – the exact reason why people who have come to visit Singapore always choose to go back. There are even some who have chosen to stay and study or build a career here for good because a visit simply isn’t enough.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on all these. Plan your visit soon and see how we were right all along. Better yet, consider growing your career or starting a business in Asia’s Financial Capital. With all these facts about shopping, sustainable living, food, culture, festivals, and events, basically any kind of business is suitable. Starting up won’t be much of a hassle because the team of experts at Enterprise Assurance PAC is committed to making it a breeze for you. Call us up and ask how you could make your business ideas work here in Singapore. We will be waiting!