Whether you’re planning on setting up a small home/online business, SME, partnership, or large corporation in Singapore, getting professional advice is but vital to your success. And regardless of how many years of experience you have in the business or corporate world, you can’t deny the fact that you’re still going to need expert help so you can ensure a smooth entry, stable survival, and long-term growth in Singapore’s economy. So again, it doesn’t matter if you’re starting a new business or growing an established one; a good business advisor and consultant is definitely going to bring you and your business a lot of advantages.

Before you go ahead and hire one in Singapore, it’s crucial that you first get a thorough analysis of your business situation and a clear understanding on the areas where you may need professional advice.

And to help you out, your friends here at Enterprise Global ought to provide with a short list of the types of business advisors you may need to hire:


Whether you’re a newbie or a pro in the business world, it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that accountants are indeed some of the most common, or better yet, most in-demand business advisors, regardless of the industry. They help start, buy, grow, and even end a business. And apart from their advice on handling money, they are also responsible for managing your taxes, records, obligations, and others. And if you prefer your taxes to be handled by a single person (since we all know how much of a hassle taxes are), you may also choose to hire a tax accountant.

Financial Advisers

Also commonly referred to as financial planners, these specialists will be able to help you handle your business funds – investments, assets, liabilities, and everything – better. With their expertise, it’ll be easier for you to develop a complete plan and financial strategy for business, both for short and long term. Their job is to obtain and analyze detailed information on your company’s finances, and then be able to provide advice on investing, budgeting, risk management, insurance, tax, superannuation, retirement, and more.

Legal Advisors

Just like accountants, advice from legal experts is beneficial to your business. At any point in time, from the creation up to the extinguishment of your company, you will need help from a corporate lawyer. And although they have different types of expertise like doctors, generally, they’d be able to help you handle a variety of issues at any stage of your company’s lifetime. They can help with choosing the perfect business structure for you, complying with regulations, obtaining licenses, drafting and finalizing contracts, resolving disputes, protect your intellectual property, taking care of your debt issues, and a lot more.

Human Resource Consultants

If it’s your first time to build a company or an SME, it’s also best if you get assistance from an expert in human resource. He or she will be able to provide you excellent advice on how you can handle your manpower, which should be one of your company’s assets. They are in charge of helping you with recruitment, contracting, payroll, and other support tasks that are needed to manage your employees (from rank and file to upper management).

IT Consultants

You wouldn’t want your new business in Singapore to be left behind in terms of technology, right? Because one way to keep up with the robust economy and strong competition in Asia’s Financial Hub is to be updated with the latest technological and virtual advancements. Hence, you can very well hire experts who can help you with that. IT Consultants are not really the professionals you call when something’s wrong with your computer. Instead, they do research, develop programs, update systems, manage databases, troubleshoot issues, secure your information, and more. With their help, business processes and operations are more efficient and easier to handle.

These 5 business advisors that we have mentioned here are just some of the experts that could really be of help to your company. And finding the right set of business advisors in Singapore shouldn’t really be difficult. Apart from researching their respective industries, there’s an easier way for you to do that in no time: work with us, Enterprise Global. Apart from helping you form your business in Singapore, we’ll also be able to help you in finding the professionals you need to hire. All you need to do is let us know what you really need, and we’ll gladly find a way to provide them all for you. So don’t waste any of your precious time, shoot us an email to know how we could help.


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