Why Singapore’s Accountants
are the Best in the World

Despite the few natural resources of this city-state, Singapore has consistently shown how they could remain as one of the most competitive nations in the globe. And one of the reasons why they continue to rank among the best, pro-business, and most efficient countries is the constructive (and successful) utilization of their human resources. Simply put, instead of focusing on what they do not have, they chose to capitalize and focus on what they do have.

As a matter of fact, not too long ago, Singapore stated on having a vision to be a leading global accountancy hub. So it isn’t really a wonder how many reports and studies now show that they are on the right track. Their accountancy industry continues to see rapid growth ever since. Plus, it is also 2017’s highest paying industries (according to 2017 Kelly Services and Capita Salary Guide).

Given all these facts about SIngapore’s accounting industry, maybe the question that’s lingering inside your head now is, “What’s in it for me?” Well, your friendly experts here at Enterprise Assurance PAC is here to tell you exactly why you should hire Singapore accountants. Because apart from being well-educated, highly skilled, and experienced (which you normally look for when hiring a professional accountant), here are the traits you’d want your company’s accountant to have – the traits that make Singapore’s accountants simply the best in the world:

Flexible and Resilient than Ever


Singaporeans in general are born to have a “never give up, never surrender”-kind-of-attitude. Once their eyes are set on a certain goal, they make sure that they’re 101% committed to achieving it despite the many challenges that would come their way. So when we’re talking about numbers and handling finances, you’d want someone who could easily respond and effectively adjust whenever mistakes and setbacks kick in (which really happen almost every time). You’d want to hire someone who doesn’t only have many years of experience, but more importantly, one who has definitely come strong and stayed on top after all the hurdles. Singapore’s accountants are all that and more. Plus, even with the advancements in the industry where almost everything is digitized, they remain adaptive, effective, and resilient.

Have Excellent Organizational Skills


Most if not all the people in the entire universe know that Singaporeans are very orderly; that they even queue up for the littlest of things in a very systematic fashion. Hence, they are just perfect candidates for someone who’s going to deal with your company’s finances. They plan out every single move not only to avoid mistakes, but to be more productive and provide their clients the best results. In other words, structure, system, order, and coherency – all these are present in the DNA of Singapore’s accountants.

Very Competitive

very competitive

If you want to hire the best accountants in the industry, you have to choose those who simply want to be at the top. Singapore’s accountants are exactly that. They have what they call the “kiasu” attitude which means that they are afraid of losing. They simply want to be first in everything. They train like crazy to be the best in the business. They don’t mind working overtime just to produce work that’s more than what’s expected of them. And as a quick trivia, having a career in banking, finance, or accounting is one of the “musts” when you’re born into a Singaporean family.

Focus on Client Relationships

client oriented

When talking about accountancy, you must understand that effectively dealing with numbers is not everything. All the more, you should hire an accountant who’s able to gain your trust and strengthen your relationship over the years. Actually, your accountant’s goal should not be just ‘doing or finishing the job’ but instead, his/her target must be to help you and your business grow. Saving face and building relationships are some of the strongest attributes of a Singapore professional. That is why all the world knows how their city-state indeed has a pro-business environment. They value client relationships more than anything. Besides, you are entrusting all of your business’ finances to your accountant. So choose one whom you can really trust.

Simply Perfectionists


Being one of the few first-world nations in Southeast Asia really must have made the Singaporeans true perfectionists in every aspect. Accountancy included. They are not only neat, orderly, and productive, but they’re also creative and have keen attention to detail. They are very strategic when it comes to time- and goal-management. They have great communication skills. They are courteous and ethical when it comes to business.

We could really go on and on in providing you with instances on how Singapore’s accountants want to be perfect in everything. But just keep in mind one thing – they simply won’t go for mediocrity.

If being resilient, flexible, competitive, organized, trustworthy, supportive, and ‘perfect’ doesn’t cut it to be your company’s accountant/s, then we really don’t know now what could. But, if you’re now sold on these great traits, then we are telling you that hiring a professional accountant that possess all these doesn’t have to be difficult. Choose the team of experts here at Enterprise Assurance PAC one of the best accounting firms in Singapore. And if you’re not only interested in expert accounting services, talk to us about it and we’ll be glad to help you out. Give us a call or send us an email to know more.